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Case Study: "Janet and George's Terrace".
Lakeshore, Toronto.


Janet had a small, underutilized, stark concrete terrace with a gorgeous view.
Missing her previous garden, Janet wanted to bring a "garden feel" into this bare concrete space.
Janet realized that she needed a specialist in Terrace design, so she sought out Terra Firma and asked Lisa Aiken to bring her vision to life.


Lisa worked with Janet to create a design for an extended outdoor "living room" that would reflect the exquisite taste with which Janet had decorated her indoor space.

Lisa suggested echoing the warm yellow tones of the living room and extending this colour theme into the terrace space. This made the terrace seem larger than it was - also the living room seem bigger in turn.

To set the tone for the entire design, Lisa once again retained Margaret (Murals by Marg), an artist, to paint the terrace and create "wrought iron" trompe l'oeil on the concrete terrace pillars and the centrepiece for the chandelier. Marg used her own custom blend of paints and finishes. These realistic paintings produced the illusion of three dimensional wrought iron decorations. The result was an elegant, classical garden feel.

Janet loved the "wrought iron" look so much that she asked that the wrought iron illusion be replicated indoors - an inspiration that proved perfect for the bare plexiglass behind the dining room's french doors. Now, as the afternoon sun beams through the dining room, an intricately woven shadow of wrought iron charmingly extends itself across the hardwood floor.

Lisa then introduced Terra Firma's very own fabric expert, Ksenija into the project. Her keen eye selected several elegant pieces from which Janet chose her favourite fabric: a beautiful red and white "Kravet" fabric.

To further maximize their space for entertaining and relaxing, Janet requested rocking/dining chairs. This presented a common challenge, for terrace owners find that storage is always an issue. And as pretty as some furniture is, rust or rot can reduce them to an unsightly mess within a couple of years. As a solution, Lisa suggested cast aluminium rocking chairs rather than regular dining chairs as an elegant yet practical choice. The relaxing rockers would also remove the need for an ottoman. With their rust-roof properties these solid and comfortable chairs can be left out in the winter months - and no maintenance is required!

As a finishing touch, cast iron urns with lush Boxwood were placed on either side of the terrace doorway. The shrub's attractive and hardy foliage was the perfect backdrop for Christmas greenery. The terrace floor was then glazed for long-lasting protection against the elements.

Janet and George's terrace has now become an elegant outdoor living space that compliments their beautiful home and stunning view.

Click the photos to view the terrace. Many accessories are from Terra Firma's past retail collection. Enjoy the view!