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Real Estate Case Studies

  Real Estate fluffing Toronto

Real Estate Case Studies - selected examples:

A Toronto realtor hired Lisa to fluff this beautiful kitchen (left).

Lisa quickly transformed this impressive 4 bedroom home and provided fresh flowers for each stage of the selling process.

Home owners and agent were delighted - and the home sold in one day. View testimonial.


A Toronto realtor was planning to sell a Bloor West Village home. Lisa had designed the garden but the realtor was concerned that the garden, though beautiful in Spring, had been put "to bed" for Winter and would lack appeal. Lisa worked quickly to make the garden look fresh, appealing - as if the thrust of spring was upon it. Before long the garden was ready for entertaining and certainly ready for anxious new buyers. The made-over garden became one of the major selling features in this home - and the deal closed in a matter of days. The delighted homeowners assured Lisa that their garden makeover was a top reason for the quick and profitable sale.

A Rosedale real estate agent needed curb appeal. Lisa's suggestion was to bring urns to the front door and she artfully arranged them with fresh green foliage. This beautiful focal point brought the previously drab and uninviting entrance to life. A small bistro set with blooming pots of flowers completed the scene, adding a warm and lived-in touch to the garden. A quick fix - with excellent results.

When your home needs to look its best, a little increase in "curb appeal" can have a significant financial impact. Lisa helps your home's potential buyers see your house in its very best light; she adds warmth and style to everything from front door entrances to the garden gate.

... And when the deal closes, Lisa will help realtors choose the perfect client gifts.

For many more ideas on how to sell your home, contact Lisa. View our testimonials.