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Lisa Aiken, owner of Terra Firma, Home and Terrace, Toronto, Canada

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About Lisa Aiken

Lisa Aiken never dreamed of turning her flair for interior and exterior decor into a business, but it was the constant reaction to the creation of her own backyard garden that prompted her to finally leave her 9 to 5 career behind.

"Visitors to my home always asked, `Who did your home? Who did your backyard?' When I answered, `I did,' I'd be met with near disbelief," laughs Aiken. "They'd say, `You really should do this for a living!"

The turning point came when Designer Candice Olson (divine design) noted that Lisa was actually a garden accessorizer" - and pointed out, "I don't know of anyone else who does what you do". With this in mind, Lisa decided to move ahead with the creation of Terra Firma.

Aiken found store space in her neighbourhood of the Bloor West Village and designer Candice Olson drew on her creativity to create the backdrop for the retail space of Terra Firma.

After five years Lisa’s design work had grown to such an extent that she had to make a choice on either retail or design. Lisa was torn as she loved the store and would truly miss her wonderful customers - but the design element of her business was really what inspired Lisa to open Terra Firma in the first place.

Now, Lisa is pleased to bring the same tasteful gatherings into your space, indoors or out.

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